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"Cooking Outdoors Has Never Been Better!"(TM) 


The Disc-It Grill is the only HIGH QUALITY fully customizable outdoor cooking product to found anywhere on the market.

This Disc-it is often referred to as a Southwest Outdoor Cooking system, a cowboy wok, a TEXAS WOK, a chinese wok or even a paella pan. 

Regardless of the terminology, the Disc-It grill is well known for all of it's capabilities of preparing the finest cuisine ranging from fajitas, stir fry, discada, popcorn and deserts such as Bananas Foster.

The unusual concave shape of the PLOW DISC strongly resembles the centuries-old Oriental wok cooking pot design, a beloved cooking method in homes around the world and a staple in any restaurant offering Asian cuisine. You can cook anything on a Disc-It grill that you can cook on a regular barbeque grill, stovetop or wok. From steaks and a full breakfast to stir fry and even popcorn, thereís almost nothing you canít cook on a Disc-It grill

This artistic and innovative Disc-It (available in over 400 different patterns) includes not only the Disc-It but also the burner and disc complete with handles.

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US Patent Pending 60/834,565

Disc-it and it's design is a trademark of Affirmative! Solutions.

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